UnsureMixed Emotions is a deck of cards that helps you take advantage of the inner guidance system that you were born with.

When you use the cards by yourself, you’ll find them to be a powerful decision-making tool. By comparing how you feel about your options, the choice that’s right for you suddenly becomes quite clear.

When you use the cards in relationships, you’ll find that the Mixed Emotions cards serve as a secret-decoder ring. For example, when you invite someone whose behavior is driving you crazy to use the cards, you gain insight into the cause of that behavior. Then you can use the cards to show how that person’s behavior is affecting you. As a result, both of you will find that frustration generally gives way to empathy, and that conflict resolution becomes much easier.

When you use the cards in groups, especially those centered around a common experience, the cards help members discover how universal their feelings are, which helps them feel less alone in facing their challenges.

The Mixed Emotions card deck is a simple, yet powerful tool that helps you make wiser decisions, communicate more effectively, resolve conflicts more peacefully, and remove the obstacles that stand between you and your bliss. Now, who wouldn’t want that?